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Name Age Culture Description
Abunaisaros (Abu) 37 Labashite He’s originally from Labash, which was destroyed by a blood plague. He’s the Grandmaster of the Archers of the Eye, who primarily don’t fight but instead act as messengers throughout the Alanyan kingdom despite being the greatest archers in the world.

In Conqueror’s Blood, he becomes an ally to Zedra, helping the Seluqals defend against the Jotrids.

In Elder Epoch, he remains loyal to Kyars despite being a Basilite Ethosian and seeing the return of Basil the Breaker, the promised Opener, with his own two eyes.

Ahriyya 1000+ Labyrinthian She is a terrible demon/djinn despised by the Latian religion.

In Gunmetal Gods, she takes the form of Melodi/Elly in order to manipulate Micah, eventually becoming impregnated by him and also granting him a gunmetal arm.

Aicard 42 Crucian, Sargosan He is Micah’s chief spy and is always playing some kind of role.

In Gunmetal Gods, it is difficult for anyone to determine where his actual loyalties lie, and he helps both Kevan and Micah during the story, insisting he is on the side of mankind against the gods.

In Conqueror’s Blood, he helps Kyars defeat the Ethosian pirates who conquered western Alanya, and he also encourages Zedra to seek a better solution in her fued with Cyra, insisting that the gods are tricking her.

In Elder Epoch, he attempts to help Kevah recruit Shah Babur to help defeat Cyra, whom he views as a dangerous servant of Hawwa. During that mission, he learns that people from the mysterious land beyond the Sea Mists, Talitos, purchased an island south of Kashan from the Sargosans. Believing that Talitos is related to the home he truly comes from, which he describes as an island filled with pyramids and surrounded by strange gods, he leaves to investigate.

Alir 20 Alanyan A young order man who helps Cyra when she first arrives injured in Zelthuriya. Strict and serious.
Amros 30 Labashite An Archer of the Eye, he has always believed, due to his faith in the Eastern Ethosian religion, that Basil would return before the End of Epochs.

In Elder Epoch, he immediately joins Basil, eager to do whatever he asks. He also attempts to kill Kevah with Celene’s help, and fails.

Arsalan 31 Sirmian (originally Crucian) He was brought to Tagkalay as a slave when he was sixteen, but during an uprising after Micah’s conquest of Kostany, led a revolt against the governor and took over the city. His birth name is Argus.
Aschere 39 (19 in appearance) Sirmian She is a magus who serves Hawwa, the Dreamer.

In Gunmetal Gods, it is revealed that she is Kevah’s wife, Lunara. Kevah is forced to kill her to stop the Archangel from annihilating Kostany.

In Elder Epoch, she is revived by Cyra and takes over Sadie’s body, but her aims are completely different, now. Instead of serving Hawwa, she wants to stop her from hatching the egg.

Babur 43 Kashanese The Shah of Kashan, famed for his shrewdness and even-handedness.

In Elder Epoch, he marches an army to Alanya to exploit the chaos since Tamaz’s death. He wants to take over Merva and put his own puppets in power, hopeful that a subservient Alanya would bolster his interests. He is battle-hardened from leading campaigns in the southern islands against the Sargosans. Cyra defeats his army, though he manages to put his puppet Hurran in power in Qandbajar.

Barkam 51 Alanyan He’s the Grand Vizier of Alanya and de-facto ruler of Dorud and all of western Alanya.

In Conqueror’s Blood, after Tamaz died, he stayed in Dorud with Kyars’ brother, Prince Faris. Using Prince Faris as a figure head, he amassed power in Dorud, and now seeks to retain his power while enriching himself. He’s extremely skilled and experienced in matters of governance, and basically ruled Alanya under Tamaz.

In Elder Epoch, he rebuffs Kevah’s first attempt to enlist him against Cyra’s forces. When Kevah returns to Dorud and captures the city, Barkam reluctantly submits to Kevah’s rule.

Basil 45 Crucian (Ancient) Basil grew up the son of a prostitute and chariot-maker. He is lowborn, but he took the throne of Crucis after leading a rebellion against the ruling clan, the Saturni. He was born and raised in Kostany and comes from Eastern Crucis, which no longer exists in the current era, since it is now the territory of the Kingdom of Sirm. Basil is relentless and driven to fulfill what he believes is his divine right: to be the prophesied Opener. But he also harbors a lot of doubts, and is willing to consort with darkness for power, though refuses to relinquish his free will. He loves chariot racing.

In Elder Epoch, he is transported hundreds of years into the future and faces off against both Cyra and Kevah. He falls victim to Saurva’s schemes in the end and becomes trapped within the bowels of Chisti’s Shrine.

Berrin 34 Crucian, Sirmian Berrin is a Sirmian who has converted to the Ethosian religion. He blames Shah Murad for the deaths of his family and wants revenge, and so follows Micah in his campaign of conquest.

In Gunmetal Gods, it is revealed that he is actually Shah Murad’s nephew, and is seeking revenge for the death of his father Selim, whom Shah Murad killed ten years ago. Berrin is killed by Kevah in Labyrinthos.

Celene 16 Crucian She is the daughter of Josias and grandaughter of Imperator Heraclius.

In Gunmetal Gods, Micah forces her to marry him in order to gain a claim to the throne. She is kidnapped by Humayra and given to Kevah, then ends up in Shah Murad’s hands, who threatens to execute her but ends up keeping her as a hostage at his court.

In Conqueror’s Blood, Celene escapes from the Sirmians only to end up a captive at the harem in Alanya. She wants nothing more than to return home to Crucis, and so makes a deal with Zedra that she’ll help her if Zedra promises to help get her home. When the angel Marot beckons her to do so, she pledges her loyalty to Cyra and renounces all plans of ever going home.

In Elder Epoch, she converts from the Church of Ethos to the Church of Basil, more commonly known as the Eastern Ethosian Church, who revere Marot as second to the Archangel. She helps Amros in his failed attempt to kill Kevah.

Chisti 1000 Alanyan (Ancient) The man revered as the founder of the Latian faith. His sayings have been written down and remembered in the Recitals of Chisti. He has the largest shrine in Holy Zelthuriya.

In Elder Epoch, it is revealed that he is both the angel Cessiel and Chisti, in one. He emerged from the egg and has lived for a thousand years, most of it in darkness. He is the Gate that will bring about the world’s end. He once cared for humanity enough to save them, but after being trapped in the dark for a thousand years, has lost any care for them.

Cihan 29 Sylgiz He and Cyra were very close before she was kidnapped and sent to Alanya.

In Conqueror’s Blood, he puts the capital of Alanya under siege, though he only provides a pretext as to why. His goal is to increase his tribe’s power and help them survive against the many forces arrayed against them. He dies while defending Cyra from the gholam.

Cyra 23 Alanyan, Sylgiz Cyra grew up in the Waste, the daughter of a khagan of a semi-nomadic horse tribe called the Sylgiz. She was kidnapped and taken to Alanya at the age of fifteen to be a hostage to keep the Sylgiz from attacking Alanya. Since then, she has adopted the culture, attitudes, and even the accent of her captors and is now described as a very Alanyan woman. She has ambitions for power and spends her time involved in various schemes.

In Conqueror’s Blood, she becomes the Sultana of Qandbajar and uniter of the Sylgiz-Jotrid Alliance.

In Elder Epoch, she becomes The Children after her mother prays to the Blood Star with her final breath. Though she loses Qandbajar, she gains control of Holy Zelthuriya. She is also expecting a child.

Doran 16 Crucian (Ancient) Basil’s son and heir. He and his father have always had a close relationship.

In Elder Epoch, after they were spirited forward 700 years, Doran was kidnapped by Saurva and her sister’s, and tortured thoroughly. The tortures broke him, and so he agreed to serve Hawwa.

Eblas 1000+ Efreet He is the Sultan of the Efreet tribe of djinn who control fire. He is himself a burning star that exists beyond the veil.

In Elder Epoch, he shares some secrets with Kevah, in order to help Kevah understand his role.

Ebra 36 Sirmian He’s the Grand Vizier of Sirm and arguably has more power than the Shah, although he’s technically a janissary and thus still a slave by status, which makes him somewhat resentful.

In Gunmetal Gods, Ebra becomes de-facto leader of the country after the holy city falls, since the Shah is taken hostage. In Elder Epoch, he gifts Kevah a suit of impenetrable angel metal armor, as well as an all-destroying angel metal sword.

Edmar 33 Crucian He is one of Micah’s right hand men and a former thief. Edmar is sincerely devoted to the Archangel.

In Gunmetal Gods, he loses his leg saving Micah from the zabadar. Later on, after witnessing Micah summon a fireball from the Blood Star to murder Zosi and his cohort, he decides to abandon Micah and side with the Imperator.

Elnur 23 Jotrid Tekish’s wife and a fierce warrior and huntress.
Eshe 29 Alanyan, Himyaric He is a bloodwriter and former Disciple of Chisti. He was born in Labash during the blood plague, and his family then migrated to Alanya, bringing many of the great works of Labashite scholars with them.

In Conqueror’s Blood, it is revealed that he was banished from the Disciples of Chisti because he tortured Ruhi by writing painful bloodrunes all over her body, though he insists that she secretly helped Aschere. In Conqueror’s Blood, he originally wants to help Cyra because he believes Zedra is a threat to the entire kingdom, but they become estranged when he realizes she summoned the blood plague. In Elder Epoch, the demon Saurva inspires him to learn the cure to the blood plague. He murders Nora’s infant son and uses his god’s blood to cure the blood plague over Holy Zelthuriya.

Esme 39 Alanyan Mansur’s only living daughter.

In Elder Epoch, after her father Mansur died, the governorship of the province fell to her brother, Shakur. But behind the scenes, she’s the one actually in control. She loves hunting.

Gokberk 30 Sylgiz He is a high-ranking Sylgiz Warrior, famed for his brutality and disregard of human and animal suffering.

In Conqueror’s Blood, he is often in the shadow of Cihan, but when Cihan dies, he takes over the Sylgiz and rules Qandbajar alongside Pashang and Cyra. He’s an ardent follower of the Path of the Children, however he distrusts Cyra and her motives and holds a disdain for her going back to childhood.

In Elder Epoch, when Cyra is revealed to be the Children, all of his feelings toward her change for the better.

Hadrith 26 Alanyan He’s the son of Grand Vizier Barkam.

In Conqueror’s Blood, he manipualtes Cyra into doing some of his dirty work. Despite wanting more riches and power, he has some loyalty toward Kyars.

Hafsa 55 Sylgiz She is Cyra’s mother.

In Conqueror’s Blood, she is very sick and almost dies after hearing about the death of her son, Cihan.

In Elder Epoch, when she hears that Cyra has taken over Alanya, she feels vigorous and healthy again, so much so that she travels to Qandbajar to be with Cyra. She’s an ardent, life-long follower of the Path of the Children. During Elder Epoch, she is killed by Zaban on the command of Kevah. She prays for Cyra’s ascension with her final breath.

Heraclius 64 Crucian The Imperator of Crucis, he believes at his core that it is his right to rule the largest empire the world has ever known. There is no doubt whatsoever in him, and it’s obvious he was born to rule, and he has the majesty and grandiosity to back up that entitlement. He has ruled Crucis for three decades, during which it waxed and waned and waxed and waned.

In Gunmetal Gods, he dies of poisining, and then is brought back by Hawwa to lead the Crucian conquest of Sirm, only to die after Shah Murad beheads him shortly after.

Herakon 33 Crucian (Ancient) He’s Basil’s chief general and best fighter and has immense respect from everyone for his honesty and loyalty. Herakon was a gladiator before Basil freed him from that life. He’s been at Basil’s side since then, fighting loyally in his wars. His achievements earned him the highest rank, that of First Spear.

In Elder Epoch, after Basil is imprisoned beneath Chisti’s Shrine, he leads the ancient Crucians into the Endless Waste.

Humayra 40 Sirmian, Karmazi Sadie’s mother and concubine of Shah Murad. She is originally from the Karmaz Mountains in Alanya.

In Gunmetal Gods, she manages to kill several of Micah’s soldiers and eventually becomes the “wife” of Jauz. Later on, she kidnaps Celene and brings her to Kevah, also reuniting with her daughter, Sadie. During the Battle at the Syr Darya, she inspires Shah Murad to keep fighting despite the odds being against them.

Hurran 40 Alanyan He’s Mansur’s eldest son and Kyars’ cousin. He was disinherited by his father when he murdered the family of Shah Babur’s brother, who his father was sheltering to save them from Shah Babur, who wanted to eliminate all his siblings and their families.

In Elder Epoch, after Kyars beheaded Mansur, the governorship of Merva fell to Mansur’s second oldest son, Shakur, who along with his sister Esme, decided to free Hurran from prison. As a newly freed man, Hurran wants to regain his inheritance and also make a name for himself. He makes a deal with Shah Babur, who installs him as his puppet Shah of Alanya in Qandbajar.

Jauz 42 Silklander He comes from the Silklands, which is a distant but relatively technologically-advanced country in the far east. He is able to design weapons for Micah that are more advanced than those of his enemies, and thus is instrumental to his victories. He doesn’t care about the wars between kingdoms and really just wants to invent new things and be useful to Micah because he feels the leadership in his home country doesn’t give him the respect he deserves.

In Gunmetal Gods, he saves Humayra from being killed and “marries” her. He also gives Kevah the latest design of his fast-firing gun, though Kevah loses it within Labyrinthos. At the end, Jauz returns to the Silklands to build statues.

Johan 40 Crucian (Ancient) He’s Basil’s chief priest, and a man of sincere religiosity. He was just a regular pastor. Basil snuck into his chapel one day, and was so impressed with his sermon, he took him into his service.

In Elder Epoch, he is one of the few ancient Crucians to survive the blood plague in Zelthuriya.

Josias 35 Crucian He is the eldest son of Imperator Heraclius and father of Celene.

In Gunmetal Gods, he becomes the Imperator of Crucis after Heraclius dies. He tries to rescue his daughter from Micah’s clutches, but ultimately fails. He greatly misses his daughter, who remains a distant hostage.

Kato 35 Alanyan, Himyaric He comes from Himyar originally but willingly sold himself into slavery to the Alanyans because a the blood plague had spread through his homeland and he wanted to escape it. He rose up the ranks and eventually became the highest ranking gholam in Alanya. He does his best to keep his enemies at bay and is staunchly loyal to the Seluqal House.

In Conqueror’s Blood, he originally allies with Zedra since she’s close to Kyars. He helps her throughout her struggle with Cyra.

In Elder Epoch, he remains loyal to Kyars, even protecting him during the blood plague, up until Kyars abdicates. He then travels to Dorud where he meets with Kevah, unsure whether to help or hinder his usurpration of the Seluqals.

Kevah 40 (20 in appearance) Sirmian A great, now retired janissary who fought in dozens of battles for the Shah of Sirm.

In Gunmetal Gods, Kevah has just returned to the capital city Kostany after a ten year absence. During that ten year absence, he abandoned his adopted daughter, who is now being raised by Kevah’s foster father. Since Kevah is a janissary, he has no blood relatives that he knows of, as he was kidnapped as a child and raised as a soldier. Ten years ago, his wife Lunara went missing, the grief of which made him leave the city suddenly and abandon everyone he knew. Now that he is back, he wants to make up for lost time in regard to his daughter, father, and services to the Shah. After Micah’s invasion of Kostany, he joins with Sadie to defeat him, and also gains the power of a magus, which causes him to look like he is twenty years old. He eventually brings an army to the gates of Kostany to defeat Micah, though he is captured. During his imprisonment, he learns that Lunara is Aschere, the evil sorceress who brought so much destruction to Kostany. He manages to kill her and stop the total destruction of Kostany by the Archangel. After, he pledges to serve Lat as a magus in exchange for Sadie’s ressurection.

In Conqueror’s Blood, he gains the allegience of Marada, sultana of the Marid tribe of jinn. He takes Cyra’s side in her conflict with Zedra, through regrets it after Cyra summons the blood plague. Marada is killed during her altercation with Marot, and so Kevah loses the allegience of the Marid tribe.

In Elder Epoch, he fights both Cyra and Basil for control of Holy Zelthuriya and to free Kyars from Basil’s siege of the Shrine of Chisti, though loses. During the ordeal, he gains the allgeince of the Efreet tribe of jinn, who can wield fire, and also briefly reunites with a ressurected Lunara. Frustrated after being undermined by Babur, Hurran, and Barkam, he takes over Dorud and proclaims himself Sultan of Dorud, thereby gaining control of all of Western Alanya in name.

Khizr Khaz 61 Alanyan A warrior in his younger years, he became the Grand Mufti of Alanya and also Grand Sheikh of the Order of Jamshid.

In Conqueror’s Blood, he acts as both an ally to Cyra and Zedra at times, but ultimately takes Cyra’s side against Zedra. After Cyra’s takeover of Qandbajar, he has not been seen.

Kichak 34 Alanyan The commander of the Alanyan gholam.

In Gunmetal Gods, he is killed by Kevah during a battle between the gholam and zabadar outside Demoskar.

Kinn 70 Shiqq A djinn who looks like a chicken, with eagle wings and the head of a human boy.

In Gunmetal Gods, he allies with Kevah, and the two develop a friendly rapport. He loves shoes and earnestly wants to help Kevah by helping him fly all over the place and also leaving messages in people’s dreams. Also does his best to get Kevah into sexual situations.

Kyars 25 Alanyan The son of the Shah of Alanya and designated heir. He is known for his womanizing and drinking, though he also has a serious side and much empathy for the people he intends to rule.

In Gunmetal Gods, he allies with Grand Vizier Ebra to help the rump Sirmian Kingdom maintain itself as a buffer state between Alanya and Crucis. He strikes the final blow agains the Crucians at the Syr Darya, culminating in the Sirmian reconquest of Kostany.

In Conqueror’s Blood, he becomes the Shah of Alanya after the murder of his father, though he is forced to behead his uncle Mansur, who attempted to usurp the throne. He’s been building support for many years for his eventual coronation, however, he falls to Zedra’s manipulations again and again, due to her position in his heart. As a result, his leadership is undermined until he loses in the end to Cyra.

In Elder Epoch, he actively opposes Cyra and becomes trapped within the Shrine of Chisti during the blood plague in Zelthuriya. He briefly allies with Basil to find a way to escape the blood plague, but this alliance is shattered when Basil brings his son Doran into the shrine and Doran murders a healer. When the blood plague ends, he decides to concede the throne to his younger brother Faris and escapes to Sirm.

Lat 1E+05 Elder The god of the Latians.

In Gunmetal Gods, she shapeshifts into a jinn with a peacock’s body in order to help Kevah. She also helps him escape Labyrinthos. She ressurects Sadie in exchange for his promise to train as a magi and serve her cause.

In Conqueror’s Blood, she annihilates Marot, but is then murdered by Hawwa, whom Cyra prays to in order to achieve victory over the gholam. Her death continues to haunt Kevah and Sadie.

Lazar 58 Crucian He is the Patriach of the Church of Ethos.

In Gunmetal Gods, it is revealed that he poisoned Heraclius, believing that Heraclius was responsible for the inward decline of Crucis, despite its outward conquests.

Litani 39 Alanyan During Seluqal rule, he was the Grand Philosopher of Alanya. He has tremendous power in that he commands the Order of Philosophers who are able to create powerful weapons and who safeguard a tremendous amount of knowledge.

During Conqueror’s Blood, he acts as an obstacle to both Cyra and Zedra, eventually escaping through Labyrinthos with the other Philosophers.

Mansur 57 Alanyan He was second in line to the throne after Tamaz, until Tamaz chose his own son as Crown Prince instead. He’s been bitter about it since and believes the throne is his right.

In Conqueror’s Blood, after Tamaz’s death, he throws himself into the ring to claim the throne, thereby driving a wrench in Zedra’s plan. He is beheaded by Kyars, creating a great rift between Kyars and his three children.

Markos 39 Crucian (Ancient) He’s Basil’s chief strategist and longtime friend from back in the early days when they supported the same chariot-racing team. Markos was a drunk who enjoyed tavern games. But Basil put him to use and unearthed his incredible talent for strategy, and together the two won many battles despite having less manpower.

In Elder Epoch, he gouges out his own eyes to escape the vision of the fallen angels. He survives and remains in Alanya.

Marot 1E+05 Elder One of the Twelve Angels revered by the Ethosians.

In Conqueror’s Blood, he impersonates Zedra’s ancestor Father Chisti in order to manipulate her, and he also leads Cyra into the realm of the Dreamer. It seems he is manipulating them toward some end which includes spreading the blood plague and killing other gods. He claims to be the god who taught mankind sorcery and basic inventions like the wheel and iron forging.

Melodi 15 Sirmian She’s Kevah’s adopted daughter, who yearns to be a jannisary warrior and so spends her days training and learning with her grandfather, Tengis.

In Gunmetal Gods, it is revealed that Micah is her true father. She is killed by Micah during his conquest of Kostany.

Micah 36 Crucian He is the Grandmaster of the Black Legion, a crusading force going around the world and reconquering territories in the name of the Imperator of Crucis and the Church of Ethos. Micah believes in his righteous cause, but also recognizes that he himself has sinned by hurting so many people, and so laments the state of his own soul. He tries to keep his ambition and bloodlust in check by being pious, but fails more often than not. He detests priests and prefers to speak directly to the god of the Ethosians, the Archangel. His distrust of authority also extends to the Imperator and other nobles in Crucis.

In Gunmetal Gods, it is revealed that he wants to conquer Kostany out of a long simmering hatred for their practice of enslaving Crucians, in particular the enslavement of his own daughter, whom he hasn’t seen since she was a small girl. He conquers Kostany for the Faith, but does so with the aid of dark powers, which eventually undermine him. He also learns that he murdered his own daughter, unbenownst, during his conquest of the city. Though his right hand gets cut off, he gains a magical metal hand but never truly learns how to use it. Ultimately loses his position and ends up getting shot at a monastary.

Mirima 50 Alanyan She’s the sister of Shah Tamaz and also the overseer of the harem. She takes her job very seriously and is quite strict. However, she has a soft spot for Seluq, Zedra’s son, and can be quite affectionate at times.
Murad 45 Sirmian He is the Shah of Sirm. In the past, he was a warrior prince, having fought on many battlefields, but now he focuses on the wellbeing of his kingdom and on foiling the plots of his enemies, within and without. The kingdom has been too long at peace, and unlike his father who led many campaigns, he has not led any, and so he is craving some kind of conflict and wants to prepare for it.

In Gunmetal Gods, he watches as Micah the Metal murders his entire family. Later on, he leads the Sirmians during the Battle at the Syr Darya. After Kyars intervenes to save him, he executes the Crucian imperator, Heraclius.

Nadia 34 Sirmian (originally Crucian) She was brought to Tagkalay as a slave when she was twenty, but during an uprising after Micah’s conquest of Kostany, helped her brother lead a revolt against the governor. Her birth name is Niovi.
Nesrin 19 Zabadar She’s Sadie’s friend from the tribe and looks up to her. She’s also Yamin’s twin sister.

In Gunmetal Gods, she secretly has a crush on Kevah once Kevah turns into his younger form. The two kiss and almost make love before Kevah decides not to.

Nora 19 Vograsian She’s an innocent girl going about her life. She loves learning about new things, she loves flowers, she loves dancing.

In Conqueror’s Blood, she encounters the angel Marot in the forest one day, who shows her a book called the Melody of Flowers. The next day, her tribe is attacked and annihilated by the Sylgiz. She makes a deal with Marot to give her body to Zedra in order to avenge her tribe. When Zedra’s soul is cast out of her body by Cyra and Pashang, Nora regians herself.

In Elder Epoch, she is a prisoner of Cyra, who uses her as a handmaiden and translator, since Marot’s powers also bestowed upon her the ability to speak all languages. It is unknown if she still has the ability to Soulshift and Bloodwrite, though Cyra suspects that she does and so fears the thought of her ever regaining such powers. Nora spends her days taking care of her son, Seluq, who has been renamed Kazin. Saurva inspires Eshe as to the blood plague’s cure, and Eshe seizes Nora’s son with Cyra’s permission. Eshe then uses the god’s blood within Nora’s son to cure the blood plague, also killing the child in the process. Nora has not yet recovered from this.

Orwo 30 Crucian A former cook turned Micah’s bomb maker. He is a master of alchemy. In Gunmetal Gods, he is killed by the zabadar.
Ozar 42 Alanyan He’s the richest man in Alanya and has a monopoly on the spice trade. Initially, he joins Hadrith in a scheme that also involves Cyra. His main goal is to protect his power and wealth from the tumult around him. Later, he becomes a closer ally to Cyra before abandoning her side and joining Grand Vizier Barkam in Dorud in order to, once again, hedge his bets.
Pashang 28 Jotrid He is the khagan of the Jotrid tribe who are allied to the Alanyans. He spent some of his childhood with Cyra, but he is also the one who kidnapped her and sent her to the Shah of Alanya. He is rather mysterious in that he had a prior experience with an eldritch god and now seems to be worshipping one as well. He eventually marries Cyra, cementing the Sylgiz-Jotrid Alliance. He is injured badly while fighting Shah Babur’s allies, and during his time on the sick bed, he has a dream about Micah the Metal.
Prince Faris 15 Alanyan He is Kyars’ younger brother and heir. After his father died, he was kept under the sway of Grand Vizier Barkam. Barkam often makes a show of seeking his council, but usually manipulates Faris into agreeing with him in the end, anyway. Faris suffers from asthma. During Elder Epoch, Kevah imprisons him in his own palace and usurps his power.
Rafa 20 Alanyan A young order man who helps Cyra when she first arrives injured in Zelthuriya. Has a crush on her.
Rone 63 Crucian He is the Exarch of Sempuris and Grand Duke of Crucis. In Gunmetal Gods, he accompanies Imperator Josias in his campaign to take Kostany from Micah.
Rudabeh 31 Sirmian The wife of Shah Murad and the mother of his heir, Alir. She is imperious and a schemer, holding especial hatred for Sadie and her mother.
Ruhi 17 Abyad She was a simple tea-selling girl living in the holy city of Zelthuriya who happened to befriend Magus Aschere. As a result, she was tortured by Eshe and his brother for information on Aschere, and she is now covered in the bloodrunes they used to torture her. Later she joins the Disciples of Chisti. In Elder Epoch, she becomes a close confidant of Kevah.
Sadie 25 Sirmian, Zabadar She’s one of Shah Murad’s daughters and also the khatun of a semi-nomadic tribe of horse warriors. She enjoys drinking fermented mare’s milk and loves archery.

In Gunmetal Gods, because of her high status in two different hierarchies, Kevah forces her to take the lead on the mission to retake Kostany and kill Micah. Part of her resents him for forcing her into this difficult and terrifying position, while the other part doesn’t want to disappoint him and the others relying on her. She’s also a very good archer, perhaps the best in the tribe. Sadie helps her father heroically resist Crucian forces, but is killed by a stone thrown by Heraclius. Lat ressurects her after Kevah agrees to serve Lat as a magus.

In Conqueror’s Blood, Sadie lays low, training for an archery competition in Alanya while hiding her true identity. However, Zedra eventually manipulates her into joining the conflict between her and Cyra, and she becomes an ally of Zedra for some time. She still loves Kevah but has despaired that Kevah will ever be allowed to be with her again. She tries to help Celene go home, but Marot intervenes and attempts to sacrifice her before Kevah swoops in and saves her in the end.

In Elder Epoch, she is overcome with despair, unable to make sense of so many terrible events, especially the death of Lat, the one who ressurected her. After Cyra attacks the Abyad Falcon Festival, she goes out to defend them, but is captured. Cyra then uses her body as a vessel to bring Aschere back from the dead.

Sambal 38 Alanyan, Crucian Sambal originally comes from Crucis, but he is thoroughly Alanyan now having served as a eunuch in the harem for more than a decade. He is quite bombastic in his speech and tone, though is serious when it comes to his duties and often goes above and beyond what is asked of him.
Saurva 700 Labyrinthian She’s the daughter of Ahriyya and serves Hawwa. Extremely devious and manipulative.

In Elder Epoch, it is reaveld that 700 years ago, Basil copulated with the demon Ahriyya after she promised she would help him gain the throne in exchange. Saurva was born as a result of that. She serves Hawwa and uses devious means and trickery to control people, often alternating between demonic and human forms, since she can shape-shift. She convinces Cyra to resurrect Lunara, inspires Eshe with the cure to the blood plague, and also manipulates Basil into entering the hidden chamber of Chisti’s shrine, where he frees Chisti and becomes imprisoned.

Shakur 37 Alanyan Mansur’s second son.

In Elder Epoch, after Mansur died, he became the governor of Merva, since his elder brother Hurran had been disinherited. He defers to his sister Esme on most matters.

Subay 25 Abyad He is the nephew of the chief sheikh of the local Abyad tribes, and just wants to amass wealth and make deals.

In Elder Epoch, Cyra threatens to murder him if he doesn’t agree to her new tax plan, which is basically just a transfer of wealth from the Abyads to her government.

Tamaz 59 Alanyan The Shah of Alanya, he does well keeping  Alanya stable and at peace. He is loved by his subjects for his justice, mercy, and for enriching the kingdom. He always wanted a daughter,

In Conqueror’s Blood, he wasn’t quite prepared for Zedra’s schemes and sorcery and dies when she stabs him using Cyra’s body.

Tekish 25 Jotrid Pashang’s brother and chief lieutenant, he mostly follows his brother’s lead. He is married to Elnur.
Tengis 67 Sirmian Tengis is a famed polymath and janissary trainer. Many of the young boys and girls who trained under him regard him as their father, including Kevah and Lunara. Melodi sees him as her grandfather.

In Gunmetal Gods, Tengis survives the Crucian invasion and is living in Demoskar. He briefly reunites with Kevah and also meets Sadie.

Tomas 52 Crucian (Ancient) Tomas is a Crucian noble who grew up wealthy and inherited several estates. His driving motivation is to keep his wealth, and so during the Crucian civil war, he sided with whomever he thought was going to win, which often meant he sided against Basil. He often boasts about his many mistresses. He’s Basil’s right-hand man, though Basil mistrusts him due to his deceitful nature. Still, Basil keeps him around because he’s useful, especially as a diplomat.

In Elder Epoch, he dies due to blood plague flowers growing on his body.

Vaya 70 (20 in appearance) Sirmian As the only magus in Sirm, he has the responsibility to help defend the country from invasion. He wears an enchanted mask that makes him look young.

In Gunmetal Gods, he is killed by Grand Magus Agneya, though Kevah manages to gain his mask.

Vera 18 Alanyan, Ruthenian She’s a handmaiden in Kyar’s harem who serves Zedra.

In Conqueror’s Blood, she manages to manipulate Cyra for Zedra’s sake, but develops feelings for Cyra and later vacillates between the two sides. She’s clever despite her innocent appearance. She is killed by Zedra for her treachery.

Wafiq 51 Alanyan (originally Silklander) He’s a devoted follower of the Path of the Children and also a Philosopher. He was imprisoned by Khizr Khaz for constantly advocating for the beliefs of the Path of the Children. He refused to recant them, despite being tortured.

In Conqueror’s Blood, Cyra frees him from jail.

In Elder Epoch, he helps her develop a system of governance and civics based on the Path of the Children, cementing himself as the religious leader of the Sylgiz-Jotrid Alliance.

Yamin 19 Zabadar He’s Nesrin’s twin brother and an even-headed leader.
Yohannes 40 Crucian A bishop of the Ethos Church. In Gunmetal Gods, he is killed by Micah.
Zaban 300 Efreet She’s one of many Efreet that live in the Valley of Fire. Her Sultan Eblas orders her to serve Kevah, and she does so in the most professional manner possible.
Zedra 100 Alanyan (Ancient) Zedra is originally from a tribe called the Children who lived in a mountainous region neighboring Alanya and consider themselves the true rulers of Alanya and blood heirs of Chisti. Her tribe was wiped out by the ancestors of Alanya’s ruling royal family, the Seluqals. She is a Bloodwriter and a Soulshifter.

In Conqueror’s Blood, she takes control of a beautiful young woman named Nora and infiltrates Kyars’ harem with the intent to put her son on the throne, thereby restoring the rule of the Children. But she fails to consider Cyra’s reprisal, and in the end, Cyra gains control of her son and banishes Zedra from Nora’s body.

Zosi 16 Crucian, Pasgardian He is Micah’s brother-in-law, though Alma, his sister that married Micah, got sick and died. He is constantly conflicted about whether he is doing the right thing. He also worries about his surviving sisters, who are hostages at the Imperator’s court. He acts like a little brother to Micah.

In Gunmetal Gods,  he chooses to betray Micah and side with Imperator Josias, mainly because Josias has his sisters at court. Micah and Aschere summon a fireball from the Blood Star to annihilate him and his faction. Micah greatly laments his death.