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Alanyans Denizens of the Kingdom of Alanya
Baladict/Barzakh Believed to be where souls go immediately after death
Crucians Denizens of the Holy Empire of Crucis
Exarch A governor of a Crucian city
Excubitors Loyal guardsmen of the Imperator of Crucis
Janissaries Loyal slave soldiers of the Shah of Sirm
Jinn An invisible spirit said to be the source of magic
Kashanese Denizens of the Kingdom of Kashan
Khazis Mystical warriors of the Latian faith
Paramic Liturgical language of the Latian faith and common tongue of the Kingdom of Alanya
Rubadi A clan of nomadic horse warriors, related to the zabadar
Silklanders Denizens of the Silk Empire
Sirmians Denizens of the Kingdom of Sirm
Yuna The western continent, home to Crucis
Zabadar Horse warriors that live in the plains of Sirm