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Stargazing was my Favorite Hobby. After what I Saw, I’ll Never do it Again

My Best Friend’s Chewed-up Eyeball is Floating in a Glass Jar on my Shelf, and I’ve Never Been Happier

I Used to Work for a Charity in the Philippines. I Never Want to Help People Again

My Brother was my Best Friend. I Finally Told my Parents why I Killed Him

I Prayed to a Different God Every Night. One Finally Answered | YouTube Narration

Don’t Phone the Dead | YouTube Narration

A Curse is Killing my Friends and I’m Next | YouTube Narration

I was Cleaning the Attic and Found my Uncle’s Notes. He was an Exorcist in Saudi Arabia | YouTube Narration

A Djinn Followed me Home from the Gulf War

Want to Talk to the Dead? There’s an App for That | YouTube Narration