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He is the Grandmaster of the Black Legion, a crusading force conquering territories in the name of the Imperator of Crucis and the Church of Ethos. Micah believes in his righteous cause, but also recognizes that he himself has sinned by hurting so many people, and so laments the state of his own soul. He tries to keep his ambition and bloodlust in check by being pious, but fails more often than not. He detests priests and prefers to speak directly to the god of the Ethosians, the Archangel. His distrust of authority also extends to the Imperator and other nobles in Crucis. During the events of Gunmetal Gods, he conquers Kostany for the Faith, but does so with the aid of dark powers, which eventually undermine him. He loses his position and ends up getting shot at a monastery.



At the start of Gunmetal Gods, Kevah has just returned to the capital city Kostany after a ten year absence. During that ten year absence, he abandoned his adopted daughter, who is now being raised by Kevah’s foster father. Since Kevah is a janissary, he has no blood relatives that he knows of, as he was kidnapped as a child and raised as a soldier. Ten years ago, his wife Lunara went missing, the grief of which made him leave the city suddenly and abandon everyone he knew. Now that he is back, he wants to make up for lost time in regard to his daughter, father, and services to the Shah. After Micah’s invasion of Kostany, he joins with Sadie to defeat him, and also gains the power of a magus, which causes him to look like he is twenty years old.

In Conqueror’s Blood, he takes Cyra’s side in her conflict with Zedra, through regrets it after Cyra summons the blood plague.

In Elder Epoch, he fights both Cyra and Basil for control of Holy Zelthuriya and to free Kyars from Basil’s siege of the Shrine of Chisti, though loses. Frustrated after being undermined by Babur, Hurran, and Barkam, he takes over Dorud and proclaims himself Sultan of Dorud, thereby gaining control of all of Western Alanya in name.